Peter Allen Interview

A second influential Radio 5 Live presenter, Peter Allen, has given his backing to the move to MediaCityUK.


 Following Nicky Campbell in publicly committing to the move, daytime presenter Peter Allen visited Salford earlier this week to see the new 5Live radio station will be based.

Even though he said he has a reputation for being grumpy and bad tempered, once he went round the building and looked at what is being done, it filled him with “a real sense of enthusiasm”.

Allen referred to his current Radio 5live studio as a ‘box’ and moving into a new custom build, state of the art studio at MediaCityUK, seemed an attractive prospect.








He said the site was ‘fantastic’ although admitted that some of his colleagues didn’t share his enthusiasm about the changes. He understands the real difficulties with this move and how people are being faced with very tough decisions. To them he sends this messages: “If you make that effort, it may well be worth it”.










Allen described working up North as being amongst friends. unlike London, here “people will pat you on the shoulder and say Hello Peter”.


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