Children’s Festival

MediaCityUK hit the Children’s Festival

21st-22nd April, Radio Theatre, Broadcasting House

Open to all Children’s staff, the Festival is back with two invigorating days of creative insights, career building and networking.  And this year the BBC at MediaCityUK team join in the fun.







We’ll be set in room G045 showcasing our fast and furious A to Z of the North. Join us in the morning and afternoon breaks and a whistle-stop tour of the cultural delights of the North.

At lunchtime, Jonathan Schofield, local historian and Blue Badge tour guide will give four unmissable ten minute performances of the A to Z of the North.

Eccles cakes will be provided courtesy of Martins Bakers, current holders of the Guinness World Record for the largest Eccles cake weighing an amazing 56.2kg.









The giant version of the northern delicacy required 10.5kg of butter, 20kg of puff pastry and 25kg of currant filling. It took a team of eight people to make it, three hours to bake and a massive oven.


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